CYD Studio

Barcelona is taking the lead

Innovation and Progress

CYD Studio is a creative group of designers based in Barcelona focused on creating and developing yachts for those who really like to go far beyond than ever they could expected. Led by Alex Chérigny, CYD Studio is always giving new, good looking and reliable solutions to any sort of challenge it faces.
Driven by the motivation and sedulous ambition, the group is a pure example of good harmony and self-understanding,

which becomes the clue to succeed on any project the group develops.
With an outstanding background of designing CYD Studio always looks forward to push the impossible to possible, developing new projects by using the last technology.

XCAT Powerboating

Team Manager of Lady Spain Team

The determinded group of designers is involved on the most exciting powerboat racing. Alex Chérigny as the Team Manager of Lady Spain Team says: “It’s the most exciting and challenging thing I’ve ever done before, but the most difficult to face as well”.

The XCAT is been a great starting point for the Studio based in Barcelona. CYD Studio has been pushed to develop outstanding designs for those who are in love with high performance boats. Under the rules of the UIM, the group creates the most exquisit appealing design an outrage boat.

Design Your Own

Smart Yacht Design

CYD Studio Barcelona gives the opportunity to fulfill all the clientele’s expectations.  Experienced Designers and Naval Architects endorse every project to optimize the structure and the hydrodynamics of each concept with the most accurate tools. Design your own by CYD Studio Barcelona is a smart move for those companies willing to step forward and go beyond what they ever expected.

“Design your own has been created under the petition of clients. That tool gives them the opportunity to have their own designers and naval architects to accomplish any sort of project they come up with. Our main goal is to mesmerize every client and treat them exclusively”. (Alex Chérigny , CEO of CYD Studio Barcelona)

SYD standard      

Includes: Sketches, 3D Design, Renders (standard), Preliminary Specifications

SYD professional  

Includes: Sketches, 3D Design, Renders (detailed), Specifications, Data of the boat, Interiors

SYD customized                                                   Under petition


Thanks to my profession, many owners come to me to help them to sell their luxury yachts.
Currently are for sale these four wonders: